List for shooting practice Friday

Shooting practice Friday


Friday: 13-16 year

              11-12 year


Startlists friday and saturday

Startlists for relay friday and sprint saturday are ready. 


Please see Program - <Friday or saturday> - Startliste

Common waxing service for 15 and 16-year-old

During the Bama Liatoppen Biathlon Festival, there will be a shared waxing service for all skis. Gå for Gull AS won the tender competition. The Norwegian Biathlon Federation has provided a subsidy, so the price per day is 60 Norwegian kroner per pair og skis. The total amount will be invoiced along with the registration fee.

All skis must be delivered already scraped and brushed, and the organizer will transport the skis to the start area after they have been waxed by Gå for Gull.

If you have any questions regarding ski waxing, please contact
Arne Aas at telephone: 917 21 542.

For inquiries about the organization of the shared waxing service, please contact
Olav Skråmestø at telephone: 454 50 070.

Gå for Gull offers to structure the skis for those athletes who wish to do so. The person delivering the skis must inform if they want a structure. Those who are curious about the most likely type of structure being used can inquire upon ski delivery.

All skis must be delivered already scraped and brushed.

Here's what Gå for Gull does with the skis:

  • All skis are cleaned with ski/fluorine cleaner, cloth, and gold brush.
  • After approximately 10 minutes of drying, the skis are brushed with a micro steel brush.
  • The appropriate glide product (based on test results) is applied with a roto roller.
  • Then the skis are polished, and they are ready for the start.
  • Gå for Gull does not heat treat the skis.

Delivery time for skis


FridayJ/G 15-16 år12:00-15:00 og 19:00-21:00
SaturdayJ/G 15-16 år15:00-19:30


Change of program for Friday and start lists

There are 228 teams registered for the relays on Friday, which is very good. It will be an exciting day at Liatoppen.

There will be some changes on Friday:

Shooting practice for Boys 13-16, Girls 13-16, and Mixed 13-16 at 07:30-09:00. First start at 09:20. Shooting practice for Boys 11-12, Girls 11-12, and Mixed 11-12 at 14:00-14:45. First start at 14:55.

The start lists for the relay on Friday will be posted during the weekend, and the sprint on Saturday will be available shortly after the weekend.

Detailed program can be found under the Program tab. Start time for mass start and the opening show is also confirmed.

You can pay with Vipps when parking, buying food, and drinks at Liatoppen. Convenient for both you and the organizer! Vipps number 515206.

Download the app beforehand.